Sunday, June 27, 2010


I have been eating nasi lemak since I was a kid. Nasi Lemak is a Malay traditional food. I have tried many around town. Each and everyone has their own specialities. We can never say which once is the best. It is all up to an individual test buds.

We are solely talking about the rice itself. How it is cook and prepared to ensure and individuality and originality of the person who prepares it. Most do not care so much as long say they could make a living out of it.

Nasi lemak could go anywhere actually. I am sure everyone has dream and my dream is to sell nasi lemak in the hearts of London. InshaAllah.


The best food is food served with respect and has a kind of touch that goes beyond money. Not many follow this rule. Most are too desperate and greedy that they fail to respect the food that is being served.

Some are too busy with God know what they fail to serve the food with honesty and respect to their customer. They just want to make money.

Good food is food which is affordable, it has a quality regardless of the money and is well prepared in a clean manner. This means the kitchen must be clean, the ingredients must be right, the pots and pans should be cleaned and keep safe from the insects or flies, away from the rubbish and leftovers, away from hair or dirty apron. Therefore, food is about love and respect for the customers and the Almighty God above who sees everything.

Friday, June 25, 2010


I will be writing to you shortly. This is one of the blog I am writing. I hope to get friends through this blog. The more the merrier.

Take care. Have a nice day.

Meanwhile you can email me at and all that I want to reveal is only meant for those who are genuine and sincere. I would like to deal with otherwise.

Thank you.